About SkinPro Holly

Holly is a passionate licensed esthetician with a clinical background. She has 15 plus years experience in the medical and beauty industry and is currently the owner and esthetician at her fast-growing business in San Francisco, CA. 

Holly created a YouTube channel, SkinPro Holly, to help her clients and audience understand their skin type and how to improve it, educate them on skin management and the importance of a daily skin care ritual.

From her experience working as an esthetician, Holly would get a lot of the same questions and concerns from her patients and clients. She then realized that there's a huge number of consumers buying products that don't work for their skin type or were recommended by a random "beauty blogger," who is not a skin professional, that is most likely getting paid from a company to feature an item. A blogger's review for a specific product may work well on their own skin type but not the viewers and followers. Watching the changes in the beauty industry and social media, Holly perceived there was a need for a trusted online skin care professional that gives practical advice and clear explanations.

SkinProHolly.com gives her clients and audience the opportunity to purchase suggested quality products, that she has experience with and truly believes in, directly from the site. It also allows them to create an account and receive blog updates, skin care samples and coupon codes with purchase.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and reflects your lifestyle and state of health. Holly believes that beauty is far more than skin deep and she hopes to coach and help her audience, men and woman of all ages, approach their skin care goals with a positive attitude.