Most Underrated Skincare Essentials

Holly Anne Alviar

Often times when I am finished with my clients in the treatment room, they ask for skincare recommendations. Most of them will purchase a cleanser, serum and moisturizer, which are great! But there are a few products that they under look. Here are some of their excuses:


"I don't think I need a toner," "It looks like water," "I am lazy," "I don't think it does anything." 

There are several purposes of a toner and everyone should use one according to their skin type and concerns. A toner will balance the pH of the skin, hydrates, prepares your skin to absorb the other layers of skincare products, and wipes away leftover impurities such as makeup residue.



"I already use an AHA or Retinol serum," "I have dry skin," "What is exfoliation?"

When people come in to see me and have a concern will "dull" looking skin or a build up of tiny white bumps (whiteheads), I ask them if they exfoliate and most times they say no or aren't doing it often enough. You need to get rid of dead skin build up! Exfoliation is key to glowing skin. Even dry and mature skin needs exfoliation to increase cell turnover. Make sure to use an exfoliator that is best for your skin type.



"I don't have time," "I get facials anyway."

 Masks are highly beneficial treatments for the skin and are best used right after exfoliation. After exfoliation of dead skin cells, the skin will absorb masks easier, or, if using a clay mask, it will help to easily draw out impurities. If you have time to use a mask, your skin will thank you for it.


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